the selection and ranking criteria for Erasmus+ scholarships.

Step 1: Checking Eligibility

Candidates will be rated and ranked by the members of a commission serving for this purpose. Candidates with a score lower than 5 points* will be ineligible and will have their application rejected.

The grading scale is 1 to 10 and the grades will be as follows: 1-4 poor, 5-6 fair, 7 fairly good, 8 good, 9 very good, 10 excellent. Ratings will be made according to the following table:

Academic merit (max. 5 points)

Average Point

10.5-11 1pt

11-12 2pt

12-13 3pt

13-14 4pt

14 5pt


Motivation (max. 2 points)

Cover Letter 1 pt

Audition 1 pt

Language proficiency (max. 3 points)

Written expression 1.5 pt

Oral expression 1.5 pt

Step 2. Compatibility

The profiles of eligible candidates will in turn be verified by the host university. Applicants who, for academic reasons (such as incompatibility of study programs, inability to find a Research Director or lack of appropriate resources necessary for the proposed mobility) cannot be accommodated by the host university .

Step 3. Provisional results

The provisional results are communicated by the original university to its candidates so that the latter can have the possibility of appealing if they are ineligible, within 48 hours.

Step 4. Final selection

The home university concludes the selection procedure, deciding on the status of its Erasmus+ candidates (selected/reserved/rejected). The final results are displayed on the university website, Facebook and this platform. Selected candidates must confirm their participation in Erasmus + mobility within 72 hours of the results being displayed. Candidates admitted after the academic evaluation of the original university and for whom the compatibility of the program is confirmed, but who do not benefit from an Erasmus + scholarship due to the available budget, are declared candidates for the reserve (list waiting). They may be selected following the withdrawal of nominated candidates or in case additional funds are allocated by a partner university.

See the Erasmus+ scholarship selection and ranking criteria.

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